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Number of pneumococcal shots reported (no shot record available)

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For sample children under 18 years old who do not have an immunization record but have had at least one pneumococcal shot, IMNPNU reports the number of pneumococcal shots that the person has ever had.

Please refer to the Universe tab for more information on changes in the universe across surveyed years.


Changes in the universe between samples limit the comparability of this variable. From 2000 to 2002, sample children under 18 years old and all children aged 12-35 months who were not selected as sample children were asked of this question. In 2003, only sample children younger than 18 years old were included.


  • 2000-2002: Sample children under 18 and all children 12-35 months old with no known shot record but who have ever had pneumonococcal vaccine.
  • 2003: Sample children under 18 with no known shot record but who have had pneumonoccal vaccine.


  • 2000-2003