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Cause hearing problem: At birth, for genetic reason

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons who are deaf in one or both ears, or have trouble hearing with one or both ears, or use a hearing aid, this variable indicates that the respondent identified genetic reasons for the cause of the hearing problem. When asking the question for this variable, interviewers handed a card with 10 causes plus an "other" category of responses.


The Field Representative's Manual notes that a genetic reason is on that the "[respondent] reports as a defect in the genes from birth." The Manual does not state if respondents could indicate more than one reason.

Related Variables

Other variables related to cause of hearing problems, are available in the 1991 survey.


These include:

For a more in-depth description of the availability of other hearing related variables, see quality of hearing (HEARING, 1997-2009


This variable is only available for 1991.


  • 1991: Persons who are now deaf in one or both years or now have other trouble hearing in one or both ears or now use a hearing aid.


  • 1991