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Would get HPV shot if recommended

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For female sample children age 8 to 17 who were not reported to have received the HPV shot (HPVACHAD), HPVACGETREC indicates whether the child's adult respondent would have the child get the HPV vaccine if her doctor recommended it.

If the answer to HPVACGETREC was "No," the respondent was asked, "What is the main reason you would not want [her] to get the vaccine?" (HPVACNOWHY). If the answer to HPVACGETREC was "Yes," or if the rationale for not getting the vaccine was its expense, interviewers asked follow-up questions about whether the child would be vaccinated under different cost scenarios:

  • Would get HPV vaccine if cost 350 to 500 dollars (HPVACGET500)
  • Would SC get HPV vaccine if it were free/at a lower cost (HPVACGETFRE)

According to the CDC website on HPV, "The HPV vaccine is routinely recommended for 11 and 12 year-old girls. The vaccine series can be started at 9 years of age. Catch-up vaccination is recommended for 13 through 26 year-old females who have not yet received the vaccine series." The vaccine is administered in 3 intra-muscular injections given over 6 months.

For a full list of HPV-related variables and information, including definitions, see (HPVHEAR).


HPVACGETREC is completely comparable across time.


  • 2008; 2010: Female sample children age 8-17 who have not received an HPV vaccine or shot or for whom it was unknown if they had received the vaccine.


  • 2008, 2010