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Would get HPV vaccine if cost 350 to 500 dollars

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HPVACGET500 reports responses to the question, "The cost of the [HPV] vaccine may be about $360-$500. Would you get the HPV vaccine if you had to pay this amount?" This query was put to female sample adults age 18-64 who had not been vaccinated (HPVACHAD) and who were interested in getting the vaccine (HPVACINT). The question was also posed to the respondents for unvaccinated female sample children age 8-17, if respondents said they would get the shot for the child if the doctor recommended it (HPVACHAD, HPVACGETREC).

If the response to HPVACGET500 was "no," respondents were asked if they would get the shot if it were free or available at a much lower cost (HPVACGETFRE).

For a full list of HPV-related variables and information, including definitions, see HPVHEAR.


HPVACGET500 is completely comparable across time.


  • 2008; 2010: Female sample adults age 18-64 who are interested in getting the HPV vaccine and female sample children age 8-17 whose respondents would be interested in getting HPV vaccine for them.


  • 2008, 2010