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Covered by VA military health care (edited)

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For all persons with military health care coverage (HIMILITE), HIVAE indicates whether the person had military health care other than CHAMP, CHAMPUS or TRICARE, through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Interviewers handed respondents a flashcard listing various types of insurance and asked them to pick the kind(s) of insurance they had. For 2004 forward, the flashcard included the category "Military health care (TRICARE/VA/CHAMP-VA)." Respondents who chose this category were asked a follow-up question about whether their plan was in the form of (1) TRICARE, (2) VA, (3) CHAMP-VA, or (4) other military coverage. HIVAE indicates whether an individual had VA coverage. HIVAE was a new variable in 2018, created by editing responses to HIVA using additional information collected in a question also introduced in 2018, added to address the undercount of individuals with VA coverage. People who initially answered "no" to HIVA, but later indicated VA coverage through the new question, had their answer to HIVAE recoded to reflect that they have VA coverage. Their answer to HIMILITE was also recoded to indicate they are covered by military health care. Please see the "Data Editing and Recoding" section on the Description tab of HIMILITE for more information.


HIVAE is completely comparable over time.


  • 2018: Persons with military health coverage (HIMILITE).


  • 2018