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Plan 1: Out-of-pocket premium cost, intervalled

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons who indicated they have a private insurance plan that was paid for by the respondent or a family member (living in the household) (HIP1SELF ="2"), this variable indicates the amount spent in the last 12 months by the respondent/the family for insurance premiums, including pay roll deductions, in $500 intervals of $0 to $3000. Respondents were handed a card with the intervals listed on it and asked to indicate which one applied. For all years this variable is available, single service plans or plans which paid only for accidents were not considered to be private insurance.

Information was collected on up to four plans per family. Users may also want to see the variables HIP2COS2, HIP3COS2 , and HIP4COS2 .

Data Editing and Recoding 

For 1997 forward, during the course of data editing, the NCHS discovered errors in the responses to questions about insurance coverage. This might be shown, for example, by a mismatch between the verbatim name of an insurance plan and the type of insurance coverage the person selected from the categories on the card. For 1997 forward, the NCHS edited responses to what kind of insurance respondents had based on the plan name given by the respondent. The frequencies reported in HIP1COS2 reflect responses for which respondents were verified to have private insurance. A full description of the editing process and changes in definition is provided under the variable descriptions for private insurance in HIPRIVATEE.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1997-1998: Persons with at least one private health insurance plan paid for by self or family.


  • 1997-1998