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Has other military health care

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons with military health care coverage, HIMILITOTH reports that the person has military health care from some source other than from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA), or from programs that provide care for military dependents, CHAMP-VA or CHAMPUS (or TRICARE for 1995 forward).

Respondents were handed a flashcard with military health care categories collapsed into one: "Military health care (TRICARE/VA/CHAMP-VA)." For persons who selected this category, interviewers asked a follow-up question about their type of military health care, with possible choices being TRICARE, VA, CHAMP-VA, or other military coverage. For 2004 forward, HIMILITOTH identifies those who chose "Has other military health care."

Military health care provides medical care on military bases to current armed forces members and their dependents.

Survey Questions

Wording of the questions about Military Health Care coverage changed over time. Users are encouraged to review the variable description for HIMILVA, which reports military health care/VA insurance coverage and discusses changes in the question format for military health care over time. Users are also strongly encouraged to review the user notes Insurance Data Collection.


HIMILITOTH is comparable over time.


  • 2004-2017: Persons with military health care coverage.


  • 2004-2017