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Had heart disease/heart trouble, past 12 months

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HEARTDISYR identifies persons age 20 and older who had heart disease or heart trouble in the past 12 months.

Related Variables 

The closest equivalent to HEARTDISYR is a series of variables from the 2002 survey which identify sample adults who, during the past twelve months, had specific forms of heart disease: heart attack or myocardial infarction (HEARTATYR); angina pectoris (ANGIPECYR); coronary heart disease (CHEARTDIYR); a heart condition or problem other than heart attack, angina, and coronary heart disease (HEARTCONYR); and congestive heart failure (CONHFAILYR). Selecting all persons who gave an affirmative response for any of these variables in 2002 produces a rough equivalent to an affirmative response for HEARTDISYR.

Researchers should, however, note that, in 2002, only persons who had ever been diagnosed with these specific heart conditions by a doctor or other health professional were asked whether they had these conditions during the past 12 months. By contrast, the question for HEARTDISYR did not require confirmation of the condition by a medical professional. This difference limits comparability between HEARTDISYR and the series of variables on heart conditions provided in 2002.


This variable is only available in 1977.


  • 1977: Persons age 20+.


  • 1977