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Years since EKG: Expanded

Codes and Frequencies

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EKGYREX reports responses to the question, "About how long has it been since you had an electrocardiogram, or EKG, which involves placing wires on the chest and arms?" Responses are given in single years, up to 40+ years.

This question was part of the 1982 survey supplement dealing with the use of preventive care services. Responses to the same question are also given in EKGYRS, with responses topcoded at 10+ years to achieve comparability with a similar question in the 1973 preventive care supplement.

For more information about questions in the 1982 preventive care supplement, including the emphasis on self-reporting rather than proxy reporting, see EKGYRS and CXRAYRS.


EKGYREX is only available for 1982.


  • 1974: Sample persons age 17+.
  • 1982: Persons age 40+.


  • 1974, 1982