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DISTESTFLG indicates which disability questions the person's family was flagged to receive as part of the survey. The Adult Disability (ADB) and Child Disability (CDB) questions are person-style disability questions asked of sample adults and sample children in families flagged to receive this style of question. In person-style questions, a question is asked directly of the sample adult, or of a knowledgeable adult proxy respondent for sample children. The Family Disability Questions (FDB) are family-style disability questions, asked of the family respondent about all persons 1 year of age and older. If flagged to receive FDB questions, the family respondent responds on behalf of each member of the household under age 18 or who is not present. The Adult Functioning and Disability (AFD) questions are asked of sample adults in families flagged to receive AFD questions.

The meaning of the response categories and the universe changes across samples. See the Comparability tab for a discussion of these differences.


In 2008, only persons in the final quarter are included in universe. In 2009 and 2011-forward, all persons are in universe. In 2010, DISTESTFLG only includes sample adults who did not the Quality of Life supplement.

In addition to these changes in universe, the types of disability questions asked changes across years, which affects the categories available for DISTESTFLG over time.

Person-style questions, or the Adult Disability (ADB) and Child Disability (CDB) questions , were only offered in 2008-2009, and 2011-201. ADB and CDB questions are not included in 2010 and 2013-forward.

In 2011, sample adults in families who received the Family Disability (FDB) questions were asked additional disability questions as part of the Adult Functioning and Disability (AFD) supplement. In 2012, approximately 1/4 of sample adults were selected to receive the AFD questions; some of these persons were also selected to participate in FDB questions

Beginning in 2013, families were flagged to either receive AFD or FDB questions. ADB and CDB questions are no longer offered. Sample adults in families not flagged to receive AFD questions will be NIU for all AFD questionnaire items.

Data users may still make comparisons across years, but should be aware of these differences in the universe selection process and use the appropriate weights.


  • 2008: Persons in the last quarter of 2008.
  • 2009: All persons.
  • 2010: Sample adults who did not receive the quality of life supplement.
  • 2011-2017: All persons.


  • 2008-2017