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Had child care with more than 6 kids, past 2 weeks

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For sample children less than six years old who, during the past 12 months, received child care in a place that cares for more than six children (DAYCARE6), DAYCARE62WK indicates whether the child received such child care in the past two weeks.


The question instructs respondent to include, "day care centers, preschool, nursery school, religious schools, kindergarten, but ... not include child care provided in [the] home."

The Field Representatives' Manual defines a home or household as, "Single living quarters as a whole, including any areas occupied by unrelated household members. It does not include units in a multi-unit structure not occupied by this family." It further explains that the requirement of more than six children includes the sample child.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1991: Sample persons under age 6 who received childcare in a setting with more than 6 children in the pst 12 months.


  • 1991