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Question ID:: CCD.065_00.000

Instrument Variable Name:: CVSLLGDG
What diagnoses or reasons were you told caused {fill1: S.C. name}'s problems learning, using, or understanding words or sentences?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
01 Hearing loss or deafness
02 Genetic syndrome
03 Intellectual disability, also known as mental retardation
04 Autism spectrum disorder
05 Developmental language-learning disorder (specific language impairment, learning disability, dyslexia)
06 Head injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI)
07 Other neurological cause (stroke, seizure disorder, etc.)
08 Prescription medication or drugs
09 Other
97 Refused
99 Don't Know
UniverseText: Sample children 3+ who have been given a diagnosis for their language problem
(1-9,R,D) if CVSLVYR=1 or CVSLSWYR=1 or CVSLSPYR=1 or CVSLLGYR=1 [goto CVSLVAG, CVSLSWAG, CVSLSPAG, CVSLLGAG series]; else [goto next section]