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Given diagnosis for language problem

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For sample children 3 and over who have been given a diagnosis for a speech, swallowing, speech, or language problem, CVLDIAGLANG reports whether the child was given a diagnosis for a language problem.

Persons who answered affirmatively were then asked for the diagnosis or reason given; persons could report multiple causes. The causes for the language problems are reported in the following variables:

: hearing loss or deafness

: genetic syndrome

: intellectual disability

: Autism spectrum disorder

: developmental language-learning disorder

: head injury, traumatic brain injury

: other neurological problem

: prescription medication

: something else

According to the Field Representative's Manual, language disorders are "any of a number of problems with verbal communication and the ability to use or understand a symbol system for communication."


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 2012: Sample children 3+ who have been given a diagnosis for their voice, swallowing, speech, or language problem


  • 2012