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Check-up tests last time: Weight

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For sample persons aged 18 and over who have had a routine check-up, CUTWEIGHT reports whether the person had his or her weight checked during the last check-up.

CUTWEIGHT is part of a series of variables initiated in 1991 dealing with health promotion and disease prevention. For related variables, please use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus.


Except for changes in the universe, there are no comparability issues. Please refer to the Universe Tab for detailed information.


  • 1991: Sample persons age 18+ who have ever had a routine check-up.
  • 1993: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 3 and 4 (excluded from AIDS supplement) who have ever had a check-up.
  • 1994: Half of sample adults age 18+ (excluded from AIDS supplement) who had a general physical checkup less than 3 years ago.


  • 1991, 1993-1994