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Years since last oral cancer exam

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults who ever had a test for oral cancer (CORALEXAMEV, CORALEXNECK, CORALEXTONG) and did not know the date of their last oral cancer exam, CORALEXAMYR reports the grouped number of years since the respondent's last oral cancer exam.


In 1998, the survey form directs interviewers to show the respondents a flashcard with the following response categories:

1. A year ago or less
2. More than 1 year, but not more than 2 years
3. More than 2 years, but not more than 3 years
4. More than 3 years, but not more than 5 years
5. Over 5 years ago

The coding scheme is different for the two years encompassed in this variable. See Codes tab.

Two similar variables from 1992, CORALEX13Y and CORALEXGYR are also available.

For more information, please see CORALEXAMEV and CORALEXHEAR.


The differences in acceptable response categories between years limits comparability. Researchers may choose to combine codes 21 and 22 into 20 to create a comprehensive '1 to 3 years ago' category. Similarly, it is possible to combine codes 31 and 32 into 30 to create a comprehensive 'greater than 5 years ago' variable.


  • 1998; 2008: Sample adults age 18+ who have had a test for oral cancer.


  • 1998, 2008