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Heard of oral cancer exam

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For sample adults 18 years and older, CORALEXHEAR indicates whether the respondent ever heard of an exam for oral or mouth cancer.


According to the 2008 Field Representative's Manual:

The purpose of the questions regarding the cancer screening exams is to determine the practices and knowledge of the public with regard to cancer screening practices. This includes practices that are known to reduce mortality from cancer and some for which evidence of effectiveness is not available.
This information allows for monitoring changes in ...screening exam practices in comparison with earlier NHIS surveys. It also allows for comparisons among subgroups of the population and to examine factors that may influence ...cancer screening exam practices. Together, this information will be useful in developing public health and health service programs to increase ...the use of regular and effective screening.


CORALEXHEAR is only available in 2008.


  • 2008: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 2008