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Weight for Condition List 4


This is a 11-digit numeric variable.


CONDWT4 is an IPUMS NHIS-constructed variable that harmonizes chronic condition prevalence factors for person-level variables constructed from the 1978 to 1996 condition records. CONDWT4 should be used when analyzing variables based on conditions that were taken from Condition List 4. This ensures that persons who lived in a household that did not receive Condition List 4 are given a weight of 0.


For persons who received Condition List 4, CONDWT4 is calculated in two steps:

  • First, the variable CCFACT is divided by a multiple of 10 to insert a decimal point. Because the width of CCFACT changes across years, the divisor also changes. For 1978, CCFACT is divided by 1,000,000. For 1979-1981, CCFACT is divided by 100,000,000. For 1982-1996, CCFACT is divided by 1,000,000,000.
  • Second, the resulting quotient is multiplied by PERWEIGHT to produce CONDWT4.


The conditions included on Condition List 4 may not be the same from year to year. Users should thus note the universe statements for individual conditions to know which CONDWT variable is appropriate for a given year.


  • 1978-1996: Persons living in 1/6 of households (who received Condition List 4).


  • 1978-1996


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to CONDWT4 for more information.