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Number of chronic conditions reported

Codes and Frequencies

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For all persons, CONDCHRONNO reports the number of chronic conditions reported.


This is a generated variable, which summarizes the information collected from different sections. For example, it includes conditions that caused limitations, or were reported as the cause of visits to doctors or hospital stays, or were reported in response to a direction question on presence of a condition.

Definition of chronic condition
For the most part, conditions that have lasted 3 months or longer (or were diagnosed at least 3 months prior to the interview) are classified as "chronic" in the National Health Interview Survey. Those conditions that have lasted less than three months are generally considered "not chronic" (or acute). However, some conditions are considered "chronic" by definition, regardless of the length of time since diagnosis.


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 1963-1975: All persons.


  • 1963-1975