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Ever had cancer: Head and neck cancer

Codes and Frequencies

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CNHDNCK identifies sample adults who had ever been told that they had head and neck cancer. Those sample adults who reported ever being told by a doctor or other health professional that they had cancer or a malignancy of any kind (CANCEREV) were asked the follow-up question, "What kind of cancer was it?"

Interviewers marked up to three kinds of cancer specified on the survey form, and noted when the respondent mentioned more than three types of cancer. Responses of larynx-tracheal, mouth/tongue/lip, or throat (pharyngeal) cancers were recoded to "head and neck" cancer. In previous years, these cancers were identified in separate variables (CNLARX, "Larynx-windpipe," CNMOTH, "Mouth/tongue/lip," and CNTHRO, "Throat-pharynx").

See CNBLAD for a list of related cancer type variables.


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 2019-2022: Sample adults age 18+ who were ever told they had cancer (CANCEREV).


  • 2019-2022