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Time since most recent breast MRI: Time period

Codes and Frequencies

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For female sample adults age 30 or older who ever had a breast MRI (BMRIEV), BMRILTP reports the time period they used to report the time since their most recent breast MRI. The complementary variable BMRILNO reports the number of such units since their most recent breast MRI. For example, a woman who reported having a breast MRI test three weeks ago would have a value of "weeks ago" (IPUMS NHIS code 2) in BMRILTP and a value of 3 in BMRILNO.

Related Variables on Duration since Last Breast MRI 

Interviewers asked, "When did you have your most recent breast MRI?" Respondents could answer either in terms of a calendar date (which was recorded in BMRILDMO and BMRILDYR) or in terms of a time period and number of units for that time period (recorded in BMRILTP and BMRILNO).

Respondents who failed to give a complete response in terms of either the month and year or in terms of the number and time period format were asked to estimate the number of years since their last breast MRI test (BMRILGYR).

The various responses on time since most recent breast MRI are recoded into a common grouped year format in BMRILGYRR.


There are no comparability problems for BMRILTP.


  • 2010: Female sample adults age 30+ who have had a breast MRI and answered in number and time period format.


  • 2010