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For female sample adults age 30 and older, BMRIEV indicates whether the respondent ever had a breast MRI.

Before collecting this information, the interviewer provided a description of the breast MRI test.


This preface was as follows:

A breast MRI, or magnetic resonance image, shows what is inside the breast, like a mammogram, but does not require squeezing the breast. Before getting a breast MRI, you are given a dye through a needle in the arm. During the test, you lie on your stomach and the bed moves into a tunnel-shaped machine.

Related Variables 

Respondents who acknowledged having had a breast MRI were asked follow-up questions about the time since their last breast MRI test and about the main reason for this test.

Questions about breast MRI tests were first included in the 2010 Cancer Screening supplement. For information about the rationale for this and other such questions about cancer screening, see CAT1YR.


There are no comparability problems for BMRIEV.


  • 2010: Female sample adults age 30+.


  • 2010