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Question ID:: CBL.045_00.000

Instrument Variable Name:: CBALDGHP
Did a doctor or other health professional EVER tell you a diagnosis or reason for {fill1: S.C. name}'s dizziness or balance problems?
1 Yes
2 No
7 Refused
9 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample children 3+ who have had episodes of balance problems or dizziness in the past 12 months
(1) [goto CBALDIGN]
(2,R,D) [goto CBALPART]
Question ID:: CBL.050_00.000

Instrument Variable Name:: CBALDIGN
What diagnoses or reasons were you told caused {fill1: S.C. name}'s balance or dizziness problems?
*Enter all that apply, separate with commas.
01 Ear infections (inner ear infection, otitis media, fluid in ears)
02 Vision problems/Blurred vision
03 Positional dizziness or vertigo (BPPV)
04 Severe headaches or migraine
05 Head or neck injury or concussion
06 Neurologic disorders including seizures, stroke, or brain tumors
07 Developmental motor coordination disorder ("clumsy" child)
08 Malformation of the ear
09 Other genetic cause (Asperger Syndrome, Usher's Syndrome, etc.)
10 Metabolic problem, such as "low blood sugar" (hypoglycemia)
11 Prescription medication or drugs
12 Other
97 Refused
99 Don't Know
UniverseText: Sample children 3+ who have ever been told a diagnosis for their balance problem or dizziness
(1-12,R,D) [goto CBALPART]