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Number canisters prescription inhalers used, past 3 months

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For sample adults and sample children who had an asthma episode/attack in the past 12 months (ASTHATAKYR) and who used prescription inhalers in the past 3 months (ASTHPIN3MO), ASTHCANSNO reports the number of canisters of prescription inhalers used in the past 3 months. Interviewers asked, "During the past 3 months, that is, since [date 3 months prior], how many canisters of prescription inhalers did you use? Do not include over-the-counter inhalers like Primatene Mist."

Other asthma-related questions were periodically included in the survey; see ASTHMAEV for a summary of these variables currently in the IPUMS NHIS.


This variable is only available in 1999.

The 2003 variable ASTHCANGT3 (Used more than 3 cans prescription inhaler, past 3 months) is similar to but not fully compatible with ASTHCANSNO. Along with reporting a dichotomous response, ASTHCANGT3 deals only with inhaled prescription medicine that "gives quick relief from asthma symptoms." By contrast, ASTHCANSNO both reports a specific number and implicitly covers prescription asthma medication taken by inhaler to either relieve symptoms or to prevent asthma attacks.


  • 1999: Sample adults age 18+ and sample children under age 18 who had an asthma attack or episode in the past 12 months and who used a prescription inhaler for asthma in the past 3 months.


  • 1999