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First digestive condition diagnosed as causing abdominal pain

Codes and Frequencies

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ABPDIAGCON1 indicates what the doctor said caused the respondent's abdominal pain, if the respondent reported ever visiting a doctor for abdominal pain in ABPSAWDREV. ABPDIAGCON1 is the first condition, mentioned by the respondent, that the doctor said caused the pain. Respondents could mention up to five conditions that the doctor said caused their abdominal pain. Additional conditions mentioned are: ABPDIAGCON2, ABPDIAGCON3, ABPDIAGCON4, and ABPDIAGCON5.

Respondents could also report that the "doctor didn't say", indicating that the doctor either didn't say or didn't know what caused the pain. The "doctor didn't say" is distinct from a response of "don't know". The latter indicates that the respondent either did not know or did not remember what the doctor said.


This variable is only available in 1989 as part of the Digestive Disease Supplement.


  • 1989: Sample persons age 18+ who ever visited doctor for abdominal pain


  • 1989