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Exposed to radiation at work

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample persons ages 18 and older who have a job, WEXRAD reports whether in the present job, she/he is exposed to radiation hazard that could endanger her/his own health.

This variable was introduced in 1985 as part of a series of variables on occupational safety and health. In 1992, WEXRAD is part of the Cancer Epidemiology supplement that covers a wide range of topics including dietary knowledge, smoking and tobacco use, occupational history, frequency and portion sizes of food and drink items, vitamin and mineral intake, reproduction, hormone use, family's and respondent's history of cancer, height and weight, and participation in social activities.

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In 1992, this variable only included half of sample adults. As always, users should use the appropriate weight in their analyses.


  • 1985: Sample adults who have a job.
  • 1992: Half sample adults who have a job.


  • 1985, 1992