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Exposed to risk of accident at current job

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For sample persons ages 18 and older who were employed in the past two weeks, WEXACC reports whether or not she/he is exposed to any risks of accidents or injuries at her/his current job.

Interviewers were given the instruction to define "accident" as: "An event causing loss or injury resulting from carelessness or unavoidable causes. Included as accidents are such events as insect strings, animal bites, frostbite, etc. Strictly speaking, some injuries may not be "accidental" - for example, injuries from stabbing. Also included are poisoning, overdoses or normally nonpoisonous substances, and adverse reactions to drugs or other substances, such as a rash from a laundry detergent, hemorrhaging from taking a specific drug, alcohol poisoning, etc. Do not include as accidents such things as a hangover from drinking, sleeplessness from too much coffee (caffeine), indigestion from overeating, etc. Also do not include as accidents, the side effects of drugs or medication taken over long periods of time. For example, weakness from a series of chemotherapy treatments."
Interviewers were given the instruction to define "injury" as: "A condition resulting from an accident as defined above. Include such things as cuts, bruises, burns, sprains, fractures, insect stings, animal bites, and anything else that the respondent considers an injury."

This variable was introduced in 1985 as part of a series of variables on occupational safety and health. For related variables, please use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus.


This variable has no comparability issues.


  • 1985: Sample persons age 18+ who were employed in the past 2 weeks.


  • 1985