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Question ID: ACD.085_00.000

Instrument Variable Name: VSLLGDYS
How many days in the past year did you have problems using or understanding words or sentences?
*Enter '7' for one week.
*Enter '30' for one month.
*Enter '365' for one year.
001-365 1-365
997 Refused
999 Don't know
UniverseText: Sample adults 18+ who had a language problem in the past 12 months
(1-6,R) [if 1-6,R to all applicable DYS variables, goto VSLINTYR;
else if any applicable DYS variables=D, goto VSLV1WK, VSLSW1WK, VSLSP1WK, VSLLG1WK series; else if VSLSPDYS GE 7, goto VSLSTUTT; else if VSLLGDYS GE 7, goto VSLLGFAM; else goto VSLVAGE, VSLSWAGE, VSLSPAGE VSLLGAGE series]
(D) [goto 1WK series (VSLLG1WK)]
(7-365) if VSLSPDYS GE 7 [goto VSLSTUTT]; else if VSLLGDYS GE 7 [goto VSLLGFAM]; else [goto VSLVAGE, VSLSWAGE, VSLSPAGE VSLLGAGE series]