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Ever took individual vitamin supplements

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For sample adults in 2002 who had ever used vitamins for their own health or treatment (VITEV), VITSUPEV indicates whether the person had ever taken individual vitamin supplements.

Persons with an affirmative response to VITEV were asked, "Which of the following did you use? Please say yes or no to each one." In addition to reporting that they had ever used individual vitamin supplements, sample adults could also report that they had ever used:

  • Multi-vitamins such as One-A-Day (VITMULTEV)
  • High dose or megavitamin therapy (VITMEGAEV)

Regardless of their response to VITSUPEV, only sample adults who provided an affirmative response to VITMEGAEV were asked further questions about their vitamin use in 2002.


VITSUPEV is only available for 2002.


  • 2002: Sample adults age 18+ who have ever used vitamins for their health or treatment.


  • 2002