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Duration of vigorous activity 10+ minutes: Over/under 20 minutes

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VIG10D20MIN provides answers to a follow-up question asked of sample adults who participated in vigorous leisure-time physical activity for at least 10 minutes but who responded "don't know" when asked, "About how long do you do these vigorous activities each time?" In such cases, interviewers asked the follow-up question, "Each time you do these vigorous activities, do you do them 20 minutes or more, or less than 20 minutes?" The answers to that follow-up question are supplied in VIG10D20MIN. Answers from respondents who gave a specific duration for their vigorous leisure-time physical activity appear in VIG10DNO (Duration of vigorous activity 10+ minute: Number of units) and VIG10DTP (Duration of vigorous activity 10+ minutes: Time period).

Vigorous activities are described in the survey questionnaire as activities that "cause heavy sweating or large increases in breathing or heart rate." The Field Representative's Manuals for 1997 forward provide examples of vigorous leisure-time physical activities, although these examples were not routinely shared with respondents. These examples include fast walking, fast bicycling, jogging, strenuous swimming or sports play, vigorous aerobic dance, and strenuous gardening.

For further discussion of data collection on leisure-time physical activity in general for 1997 forward, see VIG10FNO (Frequency of vigorous activity 10+ minutes: Number of units).


VIG10D20MIN is completely comparable for 1998 through 2003.


  • 1998-2003: Sample adults age 18+ who participated in vigorous activities for at least 10 minutes but didn't know how long.


  • 1998-2003