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Had an ulcer, past 12 months

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ULCERYR indicates whether persons who were ever told by a doctor that they had an ulcer during the past 12 months.

In 1989, the question for ULCERYR was asked of all adult sample persons, as part of a two-part query to identify persons who ever had an ulcer: "During the past 12 months, did you have an ulcer? Have you ever had an ulcer?"


For 1997 forward, ULCERYR is comparable and asked only of respondents who were ever told they had an ulcer by a doctor.

Along with changes in the universe, the question wording for ULCEREV in 1989 was significantly different than for 1997 forward. Respondents in 1989 were not directed to report only ulcers of the digestive system (i.e., skin ulcers were not explicitly excluded), and diagnosis by a health professional was not required. Researchers should thus be cautious about comparing results for 1989 with those for later years. See ULCERYR for further discussion of these points.


  • 1989: Sample persons age 18+.
  • 1997-2018: Sample adults age 18+ who were ever told by a doctor that they had an ulcer.


  • 1989, 1997-2018