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Length of time at last job: number of units


TIMEATLJTN is a 3-digit numeric variable with no implied decimals.

00: Not in universe
99: Unknown

Top-coded values:
Top code is 98+


For sample persons aged 18 and older who are not currently working but have worked in the past 12 months, TIMEATLJTN reports the length of time (in number) that the person worked at his/her last job.

Users should combine TIMEATLJTN with TIMEATLJTP, which reports the time period for the number in TIMEATLJTN, to get complete information on the person's length of time at his/her last job.

This variable was included in the 1988 Occupational Health supplement.


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1988: Sample persons aged 18+ who are not currently working but worked in the past 12 months


  • 1988