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Age at first stroke


STROKEAGE is a 2-digit-numeric variable.


For adults who ever had a stroke, with or without medical confirmation (STROKEWOC), STROKEAGE reports age at first stroke.

The Field Representative's Manual for 1977 noted, "If the person has had more than one stroke, enter in 5c [on the survey form] his age when he had his first stroke." The Manual also directed that, if a term other than stroke (such as "brain hemorrhage") was used by the respondent, the interviewer was to reask the questions relating to stroke and to "consider as a 'no' response any term other than stroke."

In 1977, information was also collected on whether a person who had ever had a stroke was "hospitalized for this first stroke" (STROKEHOSP).


This variable is only available in 1977.


  • 1977: Persons age 20+.


  • 1977