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Location of non-HIV STD check, past 5 years

Codes and Frequencies

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For sample adults age 18 to 49 who had a sexually transmitted disease other than HIV in the past 5 years (STD5YR) and who visited a health professional for the STD test during the last such illness (STDSAWDR5YR), STDLOC5YR reports the location where the respondent was tested for a sexually transmitted disease.

Interviewers asked the open-ended question, "Where did you go to be checked?"


The survey form directed interviewers to "Read answer choices only if necessary."

Response choices specified included:

  • Private doctor
  • Family planning clinic
  • STD clinic
  • Emergency room
  • Health department
  • Some other place


There are no comparability problems for STDLOC5YR.


  • 2000-2010: Sample adults age 18 to 49 who saw doctor or health professional to get STD checked.


  • 2000-2010