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Length of time used snuff: Months


SNUFFMO is a 3-digit-numeric variable.

0: Never or less than 1 month
995: 995+
996: Not in Universe
997: Unknown-refused
998: Unknown-not ascertained
999: Unknown-don't know


For sample adults age 18 and over who have ever used snuff at least 20 times in their entire life, SNUFFMO reports the time period in the number months (up to 3 digits) that the respondent used chewing tobacco.

The 1992 Field Representative's Manual instructed interviewers to record the verbatim response if the respondent reported a fraction. The term "snuff" was respondent defined. The Manual for 1992 mentions that using snuff includes sniffing it and placing it in the mouth. This definition was not routinely shared with respondents.


This variable is only available for 1992.


  • 1992: Half of sample persons age 18+ in quarters 1 and 2, and in 2 weeks of quarter 3 (excluded from CAEP supplement) who ever used snuff and have used snuff at least 20 times.


  • 1992