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Anyone smoked in work area in past week

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For sample respondents age 18 and over who have worked in the past 2 weeks for a private company or the federal, state, or local government, and worked mainly indoors,
SMOKWORKAREA indicates whether smoking was allowed in the respondent's work area.


In 1991, respondents were asked if anyone smoked in their immediate area the past two weeks. In 2000, the reference period was one week and the question did not refer to the "immediate area."

For 1991, the universe for this question was mainly respondents who worked in an office environment, rather than just "indoors."


Apart from changes in the universe, the change in reference period and more specific reference to the respondents' immediate area reduces comparability. However, this variable is still comparable over time.


  • 2000: Sample adults age 18+ who were working or temporarily absent from a job last week and who worked in the private sector or in federal, state, or local government, and who work mainly indoors.


  • 2000