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For sample adults age 18 and older and children age 4 and older in 2012, RELMANTEV reports whether the person had ever used mantra meditation. Mantra meditation was defined to include Transcendental Meditation, Relaxation Response, and Clinically Standardized Meditation.

Relaxation techniques were one of many alternative health treatment modalities included in the Complementary and Alternative Health Supplements. If sample respondents gave a positive response to RELMANTEV, they were asked a series of follow-up questions.


The 2012 Field Representative's Manual provide the following definition:

In mantra meditation, the meditator focuses on a mantra (a specifically chosen word, sound, or phrase repeated silently).

Field representatives were advised to "feel free to offer [this definition] even if the respondent has not requested [it]."


This variable is only available in 2012.


  • 2012: Sample adults age 18+ and sample children of ages 4-17 who have ever used meditation, guided imagery, or progressive relaxation.


  • 2012