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4. For years 1-10 ask: Which of these statements (Hand Card S) were reasons -- decided to stop smoking cigarettes? Please give me the number of statements that applies. Circle number.

Which of the following were reasons you decided to stop smoking cigarettes?
1. Wanted to prove to myself that I could stop smoking cigarettes.
2. Had an illness which I thought would be made worse by smoking cigarettes.
3. Although unaware of having any illness, I thought that to continue to smoke cigarettes would damage my health.
4. Thought that cigarette smoking was too expensive.
5. Concerned about the smell of smoke on my breath and clothing.
6. Doctor suggested that I stop smoking cigarettes.
7. Doctor said I had to stop smoking cigarettes.
8. A relative or friend urged me to stop smoking cigarettes.
9. Concerned about the stains on teeth and fingers caused by cigarette smoking.
10. Wanted to set a good example for others.
11. TV, radio, newspaper and magazine warnings about the dangers of cigarette smoking.
12. Found cigarette smoking no longer enjoyable.
13. Other reason. What was that reason?
Any other reason?

[] 1
[] 2
[] 3
[] 4
[] 5
[] 6
[] 7
[] 8
[] 9
[] 10
[] 11
[] 12
[] 13 (Specify) ____

Any other reason? ____

If more than one circled, ask: What was the main reason -- decided to stop smoking cigarettes?

Enter number of the main reason _ _ (9)