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Had biopsy after abnormal PSA test

Codes and Frequencies

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For male sample adults aged 40 years and older who ever had an abnormal PSA test result (PSABNORM), PSABIOPS indicates whether the respondent had a prostate biopsy following the abnormal results.


Interviewers asked an open ended question about follow-up for the abnormal results (see Survey Text tab). The survey form then directed interviewers to, "Mark all that apply. Enter the number at each item mentioned. Enter (n) for no more."

Interviewers were further directed to, "Probe: 'Anything else?'"

Other response categories for this question included:

PSANOADD - Had no additional tests/surgery after abnormal PSA test
PSANOTHR - Had another PSA test after abnormal PSA test
PSAULTRA - Had ultrasound after abnormal PSA test
PSAMRI - Had MRI after abnormal PSA test

The Field Representative's Manual defines biopsy as, "Biopsy involves removing examining (sic) tissue, cells, or fluids from the patient."

For more information, please see PSAEV.


PSABIOPS is only available in 2000.


  • 2000: Male sample adults age 40+ who have had abnormal PSA test results.


  • 2000