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Pipefuls of tobacco smoked per day

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For sample adults age 18 and over who ever smoked a pipe at least 50 times, and those 17 and over who currently smoke a pipe for 1970, this variable provides responses to the question, " On the days you smoke(d) a pipe, how many pipefuls of tobacco (did/do) you smoke?"


The term "pipe" was respondent defined. In 1970, the Field Representative's Manual noted that if the respondent answered in ounces, pounds or packs of tobacco rather than pipefuls, interviewers should him or her to restate the answer as an estimate of the number of pipefuls smoked per day. In 1987, the Field Representative's Manual noted that if questions arise, interviewers should include pipe tobacco only, and cigarette or cigars crumbled into pipes should not be counted.


This variable is not fully comparable for 1987 and 1970. In 1970, a respondent representing the family (a proxy) could answer the questions associated with PIPESADAY for all other family members over age 17. As self-report is typically more accurate than proxy report, researchers may want to indicate this caveat when analyzing the data or interpreting results


  • 1970: Persons age 17+ who currently smoke a pipe.
  • 1987: Sample persons age 18+ who ever smoked a pipe at least 50 times and did not indicate that they never smoked a pipe regularly.


  • 1970, 1987