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Activity level compared to 1 year ago

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For sample persons age 55 years and older who did not use a proxy respondent, PHYSACTYR reports the respondents level of physical activity compared to their physical activity level one year prior. Possible responses include "More active", "Less active", and "About the same".

Sample persons who responded either "More active" or "Less active" in PHYSACTYR were asked a follow up question to determine the sample person's relative level of activity compared to a year prior (PHYSACTYRAMT).


The field representative's manual states that "Physical Activity" is respondent defined. It also states that "If asked, "one year ago" does not necessarily mean the "12-month reference date" one year ago, instead, it means this same general season or period, one year ago."


There are no comparability problems with PHYSACTYR.


  • 1984: Sample persons age 55+ who did not use a proxy respondent.


  • 1984