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Ever scheduled appointment with health care provider using Internet

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PCAPPTHPEV indicates whether respondents ever scheduled an appointment with a health care provider by using the Internet. The related variable PCAPPTHPYR indicates whether respondents scheduled such an appointment by using the Internet during the past 12 months.

As part of the Health Information Technology (HIT) supplement, PCAPPTHPEV is one of ten variables on the use of computers to access health information and services. As the 2009 Survey Description points out, the NHIS for that year was the first nationally representative household survey to collect data on the use of the Internet "for health information and medical communication."

For more information on the HIT supplement and a list of all ten questions, see PCLOOKHELEV.


PCAPPTHPEV is only available for 2009.


  • 2009: Sample adults age 18+.


  • 2009