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Education of cohabiting or unmarried partner

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For sample adults living with a cohabiting partner (MARSTCOHAB), PARTNERED reports the highest level of education that the cohabiting partner completed.

According to the 2020 Survey Description, for some variables, including PARTNERED, the 2020 responses of sample adults that were part of the 2020 longitudinal sample were overwritten with their 2019 responses "to mitigate disclosure risks associated with differences in response from repeated measures among the same Sample Adults" (33). The sample adults' actual 2020 responses can be accessed through a Research Data Center (RDC). For more information on the 2020 longitudinal sample, please see SALNGPRTFLG.


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 2019-2020: Sample adults age 18+ who have a cohabiting or unmarried partner (MARSTCOHAB).


  • 2019-2020