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Fluoride mouthwash recode

Codes and Frequencies

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For persons who had not lost all of their teeth, MWASHFLORR is a recoded variable that reports if the mouthwash that the person used in the past 2 weeks contained fluoride. Please refer to the code tab for more specific information on fluoride mouthwash.

This recoded variable was created based on two questions in the survey. In 1986, the interviewers first asked if the person used any mouthwash that contained fluoride in the past two weeks. The second question was asked to determine the brand of the fluoride mouthwash that they used in the past two weeks. In 1989, the order of the two questions was switched.


In 1986, the interviewers explained to the respondents that "some MOUTHRINSES contain FLUORIDE to reduce tooth decay. Others do not. ACT, Fluorigard, Listermint with Fluoride, StanCare and some prescription brands are example of mouthrinses that contain FLUORIDE." In 1989, no explanation or examples of fluoride mouthwash/mouthrinse were given to respondents.


  • 1986; 1989: Persons who have not lost all their teeth.


  • 1986, 1989