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Had a job or business last month, imputation flag

Codes and Frequencies

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For all persons, JOBLMFLAG indicates the persons whose information on whether the person had a job or business the month prior to the interview (JOBLM) was imputed.


JOBLMFLAG is part of the Family Resources supplement that provides information on individuals' health benefits, amount of coverage and income received from employment, welfare benefits, public assistance, and savings during the month prior to the interview. Unlike the core questionnaires, all missing data in this supplement were imputed.


Changes in the universe in 1993 affects the raw frequency but should not affect the comparability of this variable. As always, users should use the appropriate weight for their analyses.


  • 1990-1992: All persons
  • 1993: All persons in quarters 3 and 4.
  • 1994-1996: All persons.


  • 1990-1996