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Duration of (injury) joint symptoms: Months

Codes and Frequencies

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JNTINJURYMO is a recoded variable based on answers to the question, "How many weeks or months, in the past year, did you have joint symptoms due to an injury?" JNTINJURYMO indicates the duration of injury-caused joint symptoms in months. Such information is available only for sample adults who had "pain, aching, stiffness or swelling in or around a joint" during the past 12 months (JNTYR), and for whom these joint symptoms began due to an injury (JNTINJURY).

The original data upon which JNTINJURYMO is based appears in the complimentary variables JNTINJURYTP, which indicates whether the original response was given in weeks or months, and JNTINJURYNO, which indicates the number of weeks or months stated.


JNTINJURYMO is completely comparable over time.

Differences from JNT3MOAGO 

For 2002 forward, JNT3MOAGO indicates whether any joint symptoms occurring during the past 30 days had begun more than 3 months ago. There are several notable differences between this variable on the duration of joint symptoms and JNTINJURYMO. JNTINJURYMO focuses only on injury-caused joint problems; the reference period for reported joint symptoms is the past 3 months for JNT3MOAGO and the past 12 months for JNTINJURYMO; and only the questions relating to joint pain for 2002 forward explicitly exclude back and neck problems. Because of these many differences, JNT3MOAGO and JNTINJURYMO cannot be made comparable by recoding the data in the latter into dichotomous "3 months or less ago" and "more than 3 months ago" categories. More broadly, the NHIS Survey Descriptions for 2003 forward warn that any comparisons of joint symptom data before and after 2002 "should be undertaken with caution."


  • 1997-2001: Sample adults age 18+ with pain, aching, stiffness or swelling in or around a joint in the past 12 months, because of an injury.


  • 1997-2001