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Second location where injury/poisoning episode occurred

Codes and Frequencies

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For each injury or poisoning episode a person experienced in the past 3 months, IRWHERE2 reports the second location response the person provided for where she/he was at the time of the injury/poisoning episode. Response categories include: inside her/his home, outside her/his home, a school, a child care center or preschool, a residential institution, a health care facility, a street or highway, a sidewalk, a parking lot, a sports/athletic facility or playground, a trade and services area of place of business, a farm, a park or recreation area, a body of water (river, lake, stream, or ocean), an industrial or construction area, other public buildings, or some other location.


Prior to 2000, swimming pools and mines or quarries were included as possible places. Sidewalks were introduced as a response category in 2004.

Prior to 2000, injuries and poisonings were asked about separately. For 1998-1999 this variable refers to only injury episodes.


  • 1998-1999: All injuries.
  • 2000-2017: All injuries and poisioning episodes.


  • 1998-2017