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Second activity performing at time of injury/poisoning episode

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For each injury or poisoning episode a person experienced in the past 3 months, IRWHAT2 reports the second activity the person was doing when the injury/poisoning episode occurred. Possible options include: driving or riding in a motor vehicle, working at a paid job, working around the house or yard, attending school, performing unpaid work (such as volunteering), sports and exercise, leisure activity (other than sports), sleeping, resting, eating, or drinking; cooking, being cared for (receiving hands-on care from another person), or some other activity.


Prior to 2000, injuries and poisonings were asked about separately. For 1998-1999 this variable refers to only injury episodes.


  • 1998-1999: All injuries.
  • 2000-2017: All injuries and poisioning episodes.


  • 1998-2017