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Fourth injury/poisoning condition resulting from injury/poisoning episode


IRICD94 is a 5-digit-numeric variable.

0: Not in Universe


For all injury or poisoning episodes that resulted in more than three injuries or poisonings, IRICD94 is a recoded variable reports the fourth injury or poisoning condition experienced during the injury or poisoning episode. Conditions are assigned using the ICD-9-CM diagnostic code criteria; diagnostic codes were determined by the NHIS using data from survey questions about any injury/poisoning episodes.


This is an injury-level variable that is also used to determine the values of INJCONDITION, which is a person-level variable that reports the number of injury- or poisoning-related conditions a person experienced in the reference period. Prior to 2004, up to four ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes could be attributed to each episode. After 2004, up to eight ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes may be attributed to each episode.

Prior to 2000, injuries and poisonings were asked about separately. For 1997-1999 this variable refers to only injury episodes.


  • 1997-2014: Injury/poisoning episodes for persons who had more than three injuries/poisonings resulting from an injury/poisoning episodes in the past 3 months.


  • 1997-2014