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Number times injured by other causes, past 3 months

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For persons who had at least one injury/poisoning episode during the past 3 months, INJCAUSOTH reports the number of times a person's injury/poisoning episode was caused by something other than transportation; a fire, burn, or scald; a fall; a poisoning; overexertion or strenuous movements; being struck by object or person; an animal or insect bite; a cut or piercing; or machinery in the past 3 months.

INJCAUSOTH is a person-level variable and is derived from corresponding injury/poisoning episode-level data. The cause of the injury/poisoning is assigned by NHIS using categories based on ICD-9-CM external cause codes (E-codes).The E-codes included under each cause of injury vary slightly over time.

INJCAUSOTH is part of a series of variables initiated in 1997 that systematically report persons' injuries and poisonings, the cause, what the person was doing while sustaining the injury or poisoning, and where she/he was at the time of the injury or poisoning. For related variables and additional information, please see the User note on Injuries and Poisonings or use the IPUMS NHIS search function and drop-down menus.


Prior to 2000, persons were asked about injuries and poisonings separately; in 2000, these categories were combined and persons were asked about the causes, activities, and locations of injuries and poisonings at the same time. Additionally, poisoning was added in the response categories for cause of injury in 2000.

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for this variable in particular...fic to the variables before this, but then follow up with a general overviewIn 2000 a screening question regarding the number of injuries or poisonings that were serious enough to seek medical attention was reworded and caused a marked decrease in the number of persons reporting injuries. The question was changed back to the originally intended wording in subsequent years. Despite the significant decline in the overall number of injury and poisoning episodes reported in 2000, the percentage distributions of episodes for the external cause of the injury are comparable across time. For greater detail on these changes, please see the User Note on Injuries and Poisonings .


  • 1997-2014: Persons who had at least 1 injury episode during past 3 months.


  • 1997-2014