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INCINT is a 5-digit numeric variable with no implied decimals.

500: $500 or more (1993 and 1995)
1000: $1,000 or more (1996)
2000: $2,000 or more (1994)
15000: $15,000 or more (1992)
20000: $20,000 or more (1990-1991)
99996: Not in Universe


For persons who received interest income during the month before the interview, INCINT indicates the amount of interest income that the person received in the last calendar month. In 1993, this question was only asked of persons who were interviewed in quarters 3 and 4.

The primary sources of interest income include savings accounts with banks, credit unions, savings and loan, money market funds and certificates of deposit, savings or other government bonds or notes and loans which individuals make to each other, and interest on checking accounts.


INCINT is part of the Family Resources supplement that provides information on individuals' health benefits, amount of coverage and income received from employment, welfare benefits, public assistance, and savings.

Questions in the Family Resources supplement are different from those in the core survey in terms of the content and the treatment of missing data. Questions in the Family Resources were normally asked of the month prior to the interview while the core survey asked of the last calendar year. All missing data in the Family Resources supplement were imputed by NHIS. Users can refer to the imputation flag variable QINCINT to identify persons with imputed data.


There are no comparability issues with this variable.


  • 1993: Persons in quarters 3 and 4 who received interest last month
  • 1994-1996: Persons who received interest last month
  • 1996-2019: All persons.


  • 1990, 1992-1996